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How to Exercise on a Budget

Posted by Ricky Seda on 8/31/2017 to Exercise

You hear the ads on the radio and television. You see the flyers in parking lots, and get them in the mail. You know the ones I am talking about-the ads telling you to join the gym. They entice you with the deals (one month free, no down payment, bring a guest privileges) and hook you with the classes (Zumba, cycling, personal training) or amenities (indoor pool, saunas, basketball courts, smoothie bar). It all sounds so great until you realize it is yet another monthly bill you can’t afford. The truth is, gym memberships are often more of a splurge than a necessity. In fact, exercise can actually be one the most economical things we can do. So, here are some money saving tips designed to keep your wallet fat while you get fit.

Evening Primrose Oil

Posted by Kristen Baureis on 8/23/2017 to Vitamins, Herbs, and Minerals

Evening Primrose Oil comes from the seeds of a wildflower plant native to North America. Its high essential fatty acids content helps with hormone imbalances, acne, and hair and skin health...


How to Stay Mindful During Back to School Season

Posted by Kristen Baureis on 8/18/2017 to Community

The transition from summer to back to school season can be a chaotic time for both children and parents. Stores are packed with back-to-school sales, vacation dwindles to an end, and routines are set in place for the school year ahead.

It’s easy to stress over this shift, however it’s important to stay mindful during this period. Children already have a lot on their mind: new teachers, new classmates, new classroom and new lessons to be learned. They go from constant play and rest to learning and remaining sedentary for six hours a day. With these three tips, both you and your child will be fully rejuvenated and prepared to tackle the new school year in a healthy, mindful manner.

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Posted by Ricky Seda on 8/11/2017 to Diet and Nutrition

I don’t know about you, but I love food! I just don’t love the cost of food. Like many people, you may feel like these costs are keeping you from reaching your health goals, but have no fear.
Today’s article is all about eating healthy on a budget...

A Yummy Post-Workout Dish

Posted by Kristen Baureis on 8/3/2017 to Diet and Nutrition

I came across this recipe on Greatist, and I had to share with you all! This dish is packed with protein, complex carbs, veggies, and tons of nutrition!