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Take Action to Weight-Loss with Inaction

Posted by Vitamin Discount Center on 7/1/2014 to Diet and Nutrition

Are you having problems losing weight? Are you constantly hungry? Do you lack the energy to make it through an active day without relying on a boost from snacks or caffeinated beverages? Well you’re in luck because the secret to change it is out! Over the past decade, dozens of studies have discovered an important tool that helps regulate your body’s energy levels, metabolism, and appetite, all you have to do is well…. do nothing.

Rest vs. Recovery: The Difference Between the Seemingly Identical

Posted by Vitamin Discount Center on 7/1/2014 to Exercise

Whether you are a novice or an expert to the realm of health and fitness, I would be willing to bet you have read your fair share of fitness articles, looked up exercises, or downloaded a training program or two. Yet despite the overwhelming focus on exercise, even some of the most demanding workout routines make up up less than 10% of the day, and how we spend the other 90% of the time recovering from the stress of exercise is often overlooked.