2017/6 - Blog - Vitamin Discount Center

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Now Foods Honey-Roasted Pecans

Posted by Kristen Baureis on 6/22/2017 to Diet and Nutrition

These pecans are the bomb! I personally love to throw them in a salad with apples, dried berries, sunflower seeds and feta or goat cheese with some type of light dressing, but they can be added to ice cream, smoothies, yogurt, pancakes, or any other dish that could use some sweetening!

Oil Pulling

Posted by Kristen Baureis on 6/13/2017 to Natural Remedies

What is oil pulling? It seems to be popping up everywhere as the trendiest type of oral care. Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic technique of swishing or pulling oil in the mouth. Not to be replaced with teeth brushing, this holistic tradition has been used for thousands of years for...

Clean BCAA by Clean Machine

Posted by Kristen Baureis on 6/6/2017 to Exercise

I have recently just started taking BCAAs, and boy have I been missing out! I have always been active, but I’ve never really been into sports supplements until I started working for Vitamin Discount Center.

BCAAs are branched-chain amino acids—Leucine, isoleucine, valine—that promote muscle recovery/repair, reduce muscle soreness, and boost endurance. BCAAs are ideal for strength and interval training, but they may also fuel your cardio regimen too...