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Keeping your Family Healthy Through the Holidays

Posted by Vitamin Discount Center on 4/14/2014 to Diet and Nutrition
Have you ever noticed the amount of people that seem to get sick around the holidays? Maybe you have even been forced to endure a holiday while under the weather. The holiday season is just around the corner once again and everyone is getting ready to celebrate with food, family, and fun, but taking precautionary measures to keep our immune systems strong is usually not on our holiday “to do” list.

The Hulk of Juice

Posted by Vitamin Discount Center on 4/1/2014 to Diet and Nutrition

The first time I saw it I was walking through my local grocery store, picking up vegetables and I noticed something that looked out of place, a small plastic container which contents seemed to be bright green grass. My first thought was whether the tray was in the right store, do people actually eat that, or whether it would be more beneficial planted it in my yard. Little did I know this was my introduction to what many claim to be a life-saving, powerful, detoxifying superfood known as wheatgrass.

The Plant-Based Turnover

Posted by Vitamin Discount Center on 4/1/2014 to Diet and Nutrition

I didn’t choose to go Vegan overnight. It was a natural progression spanning across several years. I'm originally from Miami and moved to Tampa to attend USF about three years ago, and when I got here I knew I wanted to have better health, a better body, and new sense of clarity.