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A Honey Do List We Can All Enjoy

Posted by Vitamin Discount Center on 1/30/2015
The health concerns associated with sugar are so prevalent, that almost anything sweet has a negative connotation to it. While refined sugar poses a wide array of health risks, nature has provided us with many naturally sweetened items that do more than satisfy your sweet tooth, they can actually promote good health! One of the sweetest and most delicious of these is honey. Although honey contains high amounts of naturally occurring sugars, honey offers many health benefits and has been a staple in communities around the world for its healing....

Prioritize Exercise

Posted by Vitamin Discount Center on 1/8/2015 to Exercise
“I don't have enough time to…” We have all said it before and completed it with different activities. This common phrase is used consistently when life gets too busy or when we simply want to avoid the guilt associated with skipping a certain task. In regards to health and fitness, this echoes through complaints about not having time to work out or prepare healthy meals.

Learn to Love Yourself

Posted by Vitamin Discount Center on 1/1/2015
No time of the year presents a better opportunity to discuss the concept of self-love than New Years. There is something special about this time of year that sparks new hope and a desire for a better life. People all around the world resolve to make changes as a means to improve their well being, but the posture to which we approach these changes has a much greater impact on the outcome than the place we start from. 

Whatever your resolution may be, whether it is to lose weight, eat healthier, make more friends, or get a better job, the goal is far less important than your answer to the question “Why is that your goal?” Being motivated by self-hate has a destructive impact while being motivated by self-love leads to positive results on your life and those around you.

2015 Fitness Trends & Why They're Here to Stay

Posted by Vitamin Discount Center on 1/1/2015
We share a common goal: the desire for better health. improved health requires dedication to your nutrition and maintaining regular exercise, but there is an endless selection paths we can choose to from to achieve this goal. From the basics such as lifting weights and running to technological advancements and engaging in group fitness classes, there is an opportunity for everyone to find a way they enjoy fitness.