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What’s in Season?

Posted by Kristen Baureis on 7/6/2016 to Diet and Nutrition

Summer has officially arrived, but do you know what fruits and vegetables are in season? Consuming fruits and vegetables during their peak ensures optimal flavor and nutrition, and is better for the environment and economy. Foods that are in season are relatively cheaper since there’s a larger demand for them, and there’s a better chance that they are organic/produced locally.

Fruits & Vegetables that are in season during summer:

Apples                                 Cucumbers                         Strawberries

Apricots                               Eggplant                            Summer Squash

Bananas                               Garlic                                Zucchini

Beets                                   Green Beans                      Tomatillos

Bell Peppers                        Honeydew                          Watermelon

Blackberries                        Kiwi

Blueberries                          Lima Beans

Carrots                                Mangos

Cantaloupe                          Nectarines

Celery                                  Okra
Cherries                               Peaches

Collard Greens                     Plums

Corn                                    Raspberries