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What is CBD?

Posted by Ricky Seda on 4/25/2018 to Stress Management

Cannabis sativa! You’ve most likely heard of it as the marijuana plant, which reactions to hearing that word vary. Some love it for its psychoactive benefits, other dislike it greatly. But one thing that none of us can deny, is that the medical orthodoxy is looking into this plant for its positive benefits outside of its psychoactive properties. 

Cannabis sativa has been making waves for the past few decades because of a special class of compounds called cannibidols also known as CBDs for short. The human body has 2 receptors for cannabidols.  CBDs have been studied and have been clinically shown to be of use for patients with many different ailments such as inflammation, anxiety, neurological conditions, and sleep issues just to name a few. Fortunately now we have access to this powerful natural remedy in our supplement stores. Before visiting any of our Vitamin Discount Center locations, please consult with your primary physician to make sure CBD supplementation will be safe for you.

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