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The Yoga Mudras and Benefits

Posted by Lorena Saavedra Smith on 5/9/2017 to Stress Management

Mudras are known as sacred gesture realized with the hands and that are able to lead to different states of consciousness.

Mudras are usually done with the hands, but there are also mudras that are made with the eyes, the body (asanas) or through breathing techniques (pranayamas). The origin of the mudras is a mystery, we can find mudras in different traditions of the world as in Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and in many ancient cultures are represented in statues and paintings.

Hand mudras uses the fingers in specific combinations to evoke particular energies in precise ways. The fingers and hands take on different conceptual meanings, depending upon the spiritual orientation one adheres to. The hand is like a miniature universe representing a complete cosmological system. In the Buddhist and yogic systems, the hands represent the sun (right) and the moon (left), intelligence and meditation. In both systems the fingers are associated with the five elements, but variations abound as to which fingers represent which element.

Preparations for the Hand Mudras:

Find a quiet space. First practice several gentle asanas to relax and open your awareness. Then sit quietly. Spend a few minutes and observe exactly how the body, mind, and breath feel. Apply a mudra and notice any changes on the breath, different feelings in the body that will impacts your mind.

Gyan Mudra enhance the root chakra, easing tension and depression. It relates to expansion and knowledge. It is extremely calming and brings the practitioner spiritual openness and ease in meditation. It is also known within traditional ayurveda to boost the air element, thus stimulating the brain, empowering the mind, nervous system and pituitary gland. It can help enhance concentration and prevent insomnia.

Namaskar Mudra bring immense peace of mind and enhance the spiritual growth. As we acknowledgement of presence of a divine (soul) during act of greeting and develops the attitude of gratitude. The divine connection of togetherness boosts the aura and relation with the formless soul. Respecting the soul is admiring and release the control of the body. The exchange of Namaskars with mutual obeisance increases Spirituality for both the individuals. Namaskars helps immensely in reducing ego and increasing modesty.

By Lorena Saavedra Smith E-RYT. YACEP. MRT. CLC. 

CEO| Program Director at Hanaq Prana Yoga Studios and Schools

Lorena is an international bilingual expert yoga teacher (E-RYT), Reiki Master, certified meditation, mindfulness, and wellness coach, motivational speaker, contributing writer for wellness magazines, and the founder of Hanaq Prana Yoga Studios.   She is known for her genuine love of people and community. Her belief in the inclusive effect of yoga, and her particular self-expression of equality and motivational style of teaching that blend both physical and mystical aspects make her practice accessible to everyone.

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