Silica with Bioflavonoids by Alta Health 120 Tablets

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Silica with Bioflavonoids by Alta Health 120 Tablets
Silica with Bioflavonoids by Alta Health 120 Tablets

Silica with Bioflavonoids by Alta Health 120 Tablets

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  • Contains Horsetail Herb extract 500mg
  • Free from: Sugar, salt, flavorings or preservatives
  • Non-GMO
  • Supports stronger performance
  • Supports strong Bone cartilage
The source of Alta's Health Products; Silica is from the Horsetail Herb. It is known for the process by which bone cartilage, connective tissue and skin are formed, and is a component of collagen. Once a silica supplement is started, in as little as 15 days one will see hair and nails start to grow stronger, healthier and usually faster. It also helps strengthen joints, bones and muscles because the body needs Silica. The way that Alta's Silica is extracted the body absorbs it and you can see the difference. As we age the levels of silica in the body decline. In our youth our tissues absorb and maintain a higher levels of silica as shown by soft supple skin and the resilience and flexibility of our bodies. Silica is vital to the health of the mature, the performance of an athlete and the outward beauty of a person. As we get older, collagen is lost and this begins to visually manifest. One of the main components of collagen is silica; a supplementation of silica may enhance the skin's integrity by keeping it youthful and soft. Using the finest quality European Horsetail Extract with bioflavonoids, Alta's Silica provides the pure organic form of soluble/colloidal silica from a vegetal source. The silica that is extracted form the horsetail herb (Equisetum Arvense) is done so through the special extraction process formulated by Dr. Louis Kervran.

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