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Shattering the Myths on Multis

Posted by Mt. Angel on 2/13/2018 to Vitamins, Herbs, and Minerals

If you take a walk down the aisles of your local Vitamin Discount Center store or other supplement shop, there are tons of bright, bold, fascinating products jumping out at you from the shelves. "Hair Growth!" "Fat Burner!" "Energy Support!" "Fast-building Creatine!" 

Oiy. Where do we even begin? 

Unfortunately, one of the best supplements you can take for your body--that serves numerous purposes, offers full-body support, and contains many potent ingredients in only one bottle--is one of the only products NOT surrounded by bright flashy advertising and edgy slogans. Its the multivitamins. I mean, c’mon, how many of us have ever said, “check out the new multivitamin I saw on tv!” They aren’t really the cream-of-the-crop, front-and-center-stage product of most supplement lines’ advertising. In a way, sometimes they can be perceived as boring. 

John Mills, Head Formulator and Director of Quality & Compliance for Highland Laboratories (Mt. Angel Vitamins’ parent compa¬ny) feels very differently. He tells us that as the soil is stripped of its nutrient content, and transportation and storage times of fresh fruits and vegetables lengthen, our body’s need for a multivitamin grows. “If we were all eating nothing but fresh vegetables from our organic gardens, and fresh foods we either gathered or hunted, then a multivitamin would probably not be necessary. However, today, we eat more processed foods, conventionally grown vegetables, and produce that is weeks from the field to the shelf before we bought it. These modern foods do not have the vitamins necessary to promote optimal health,” Mills explains. 

What makes up a multivitamin is what really matters. Multivitamins--defined as being a pill containing a combination of vitamins and minerals--are only as good as the ingredients put in them. Most multivitamins are formulated to meet the Recommended Daily Allowance percentages of key nutrients, but some, like Mt. Angel Vitamins’ Premium Multis, can include specialized ingredients and trademarked materials to take them from “drab” to “fab”. “Our new premium multivitamins contain a key ingredient, KSM-66® Ash¬wagandha,” says Mills. “This herb supports the vital energy associated with everyday living, promotes a healthy response to everyday stress, supports alertness and mental clarity, [and] enhances sports performance.” Mills states that ashwagandha is “one of the most studied herbs in the world,” and one of his top three favorite ingredients to formulate with (which is why you can find it in all of Mt. Angel Vitamin’s Premium Multis, as well as several other products in their Premium Line.)

Of course, “taking a multivitamin is no substitute for a poor diet,” Mills adds. Multivitamins are made to be used with good diet, exercise, and sleep habits, and when taken in conjunction with the three, “has a nice complement of vitamins, minerals, and herbs to maximize your energy levels for the day.” Meditation and self-care, a clean, whole-foods diet, plenty of water, and ample amounts of quality sleep at night are all ways to encourage optimal health in your body. However, if you are looking to give your health an extra “edge” (and want to make sure that you are still capturing all the vitamins that your body needs), a multivitamin might be exactly what you need. A little bit of a lot of great ingredients, all within one serving (definitely a cost-savings too!). 

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