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Prostate Health

Posted by Michael T. Murray on 11/25/2014 to Men's Health
Prostate Health
Michael T. Murray

The prostate is a single, doughnut-shaped gland about the size of walnut that lies below the bladder and surrounds the urethra. The prostate secretes a thin, milky, alkaline fluid which lubricates the urethra to prevent infection and increases sperm motility. Prostate secretions are extremely important to successful fertilization of the egg.

 Benign (non-malignant) enlargement of the prostate gland is known medically as “benign prostatic hyperplasia” or BPH for short. Because an enlarged prostate can pinch off the flow of urine, BPH is characterized by symptoms of bladder obstruction such as increased urinary frequency, nighttime awakening to empty bladder, and reduced force and caliber of urination. 

 Current estimates are that it affects over 50% of men in their lifetime. The actual frequency rate increases with advancing age from approximately 5-10% at age 30 to over 90% in men over 85 years of age. It is often recommended that men over the age of 40 have yearly prostate exams as well as a simple blood test to detect prostate-specific antigen (PSA) differentiate BPH from prostate cancer. It is interesting to note that while BPH affects men all over the world, in many countries (particularly in Europe) herbal treatments are more popular than drug therapy. The primary reason is that many of these natural products have been shown to be equally as effective as drug therapy in mild to moderate BPH without any side effects.

 The most popular (and seemingly most effective) is the extract of saw palmetto berry standardized to contain 85-95% fatty acids and sterols. Detailed double-blind clinical studies have shown that roughly 90% of men with mild to moderate BPH experience some improvement in symptoms, especially nighttime urinary frequency, during the first 4 to 6 weeks of therapy with saw palmetto extract. While effective on its own, saw palmetto’s mechanism of action is quite synergistic with several other natural products for prostate health. Saw palmetto extract addresses some of the underlying effects of hormones like testosterone while other natural compounds addresses other issues that can lead to BPH.

 In the formula Prostate Health from Natural Factors, 200 mg of saw palmetto extract is combined with meaningful levels of other important prostate-specific support like beta-sitosterol (200 mg), flower pollen extract (150 mg), Pygeum africanum extract (100 mg), curcumin (50 mg), and lycopene (5 mg). Prostate Health has no known side effects or drug interactions. It can be used safely and with confidence by any man wishing to support the health of his prostate gland.

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