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New Years Goals

Posted by Ricky Seda on 1/2/2018 to Community

We are only a few days away from the start of a brand new year! With the coming of the new year, there’s always lots of talk about “New Year’s Resolutions.” Many people want to make positive changes to their lifestyle, but sticking to their resolutions can be challenging. Most people fail within days or weeks of their resolutions due to a negative mindset, lack of motivation, or both. Creating resolutions for the wrong reasons makes it difficult to follow through. Expectations can be unrealistic, and many are looking for a quick fix. Your resolutions should be inspiring and enjoyable; it’s not something you should dread doing.

So how about we break that mold this year? How about we don’t use the word “resolution”? Growing up, many people have asked us, “What are your goals in life?” Nobody ever asked you “What are your resolutions in life?” Resolutions may seem like we have to “fix” something about ourselves, when really, we are improving ourselves. Goals are motivating—they are the light at the end of the tunnel; they are the positive result you strive for. Goals take time and hard work. When you really wanted that promotion, you made that your goal! When you wanted to get that degree in college, that was your goal! Many people will flock to gyms all over the country, and they’re more likely to stay the course, if they make what they want to accomplish as their goal! So my question for all of you reading this right now: What are your goals for 2018? And whatever goal you have in mind, we have a supplement that would help out with any goals need you have, at your local Vitamin Discount Center!

Happy New Year everyone!