Natures Life SuperABSORBeze Cal/Mag Liquid Orange (Btl-Glass) 16oz

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Natures Life SuperABSORBeze Cal/Mag Liquid Orange (Btl-Glass) 16oz

Natures Life SuperABSORBeze Cal/Mag Liquid Orange (Btl-Glass) 16oz

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  • Build strong, dense bones.Aid in the development and maintenance of healthy teeth
  • Support normal function of the cardiovascular system.Support a healthy pregnancy.
  • Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body. Of the two to three pounds of calcium in the average body, 99 percent is stored in the bones a
  • The remaining one percent plays a crucial role in muscle contraction, blood clotting, regulation of blood pressure, nerve transmission and other body

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Nature's Life - Superabsorbeze Calcium Magnesium Liquid Fresh Orange - 16 fl. oz.Nature's Life Superabsorbeze Calcium Magnesium Liquid Fresh Orange is pre-acidified (pH 4.0) to ensure maximum absorption of the essential minerals. It is an excellent way to supplement a healthful diet with additional calcium; especially good for children, for those interested in an alternative to tablets or capsules and for those looking for a sucrose-free, dairy-free, more easily digested calcium supplement.Building Strong BonesOsteoporosis, a degenerative bone disease caused by long-term loss of calcium from the bones, affects approximately 28 million Americans. The most common symptoms of osteoporosis are brittle bones in the hip joint, or spine. Osteoporosis can affect anyone, but for every man who develops osteoporosis, eight women develop the bone disease. The risk of osteoporosis is higher in Caucasian and Asian women. Besides age, many lifestyle choices can lead to bone loss, such as smoking, drinking caffeinated beverages and lack of exercise.The importance of calcium in building and maintaining strong bones and teeth is probably its most beneficial role. A healthy skeleton is what allows us to stand upright and provides a strong foundation for the muscles that give us movement.Bones are in a constant state of flux. In a process known as modeling, minerals contained in bones are reabsorbed into the body and a new supply of minerals then reforms the bones. A constant supply of nutrients, including calcium, are needed for this modeling process of bones.Calcium is bound within the bone matrix, but can be moved in and out of the bones if blood levels of calcium drop. Conversely, if calcium blood levels get too high, the bones absorb a portion of the excess. This allows blood calcium levels to remain very stable.Preventing or slowing bone loss is considered a crucial part of avoiding osteoporosis. Adequate calcium during childhood and the teenage years is important for building strong, dense bones. During the middle years of life, optimal calcium intake slows the natural loss of calcium from the bones. And in later years, especially for women after menopause, calcium intake can inhibit the rapid bone loss common to this stage of life. Calcium is more effective in maintaining healthy bones when used with other minerals, such as magnesium, copper, manganese and zinc. These trace elements are essential in bone metabolism.Regular exercise and a healthful diet or dietary supplements providing enough calcium help women maintain good bone health. Teen through middle-aged women, and elderly men and women, may reduce their risk of osteoporosis by adequate calcium intake which slows the rate of bone loss. Calcium maintains healthy bones better when taken with other minerals and vitamins. Calcium also supports the normal function of a healthy cardiovascular system.

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