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My Yoga Teacher Training Journey: Part 4

Posted by Kristen Baureis on 7/5/2017 to Community

The deeper I am into my teacher training, the more I am forced to step out of my comfort zone. The trainees have finally started teaching in the community, and it’s been a little nerve racking to say the least! I taught my first class at the studio during our long weekend in June.  I felt somewhat at ease since I knew my audience (the teacher trainees plus my boyfriend) until a woman entered my class five minutes in! My vibe was totally thrown off, and I could tell she was a beginner. There’s nothing wrong with that, however I had to be mindful of my cueing and where to direct my attention (and also on the timing of the class). Not to mention I was being graded. No pressure!

Luckily my program director assisted the woman, and I was able to make adjustments when needed. The class went fairly smooth, and my music helped calm my nerves a little bit. I remembered my entire sequence, although my playlist ended up starting over within the last ten or so minutes of class. This stressed me out a bit, and I felt pressured to wrap things up. I started to worry about what everyone else was thinking instead of focusing on my practice. If that ever happens again, I will make sure my focus stays on my sequence instead of elsewhere.

The trainees enjoyed my class, and I got positive feedback overall.  Some suggestions were to improve a few transitions and modifications. Usually I’d feel self-conscious for my mistakes, but now I see them as learning opportunities. There’s so much that goes into each sequence, and it’s nearly impossible to master everything right away. Our teachers and mentors are tough on us, but like with everything else, it takes lots and lots of practice.

Something else we are diving deeper into is the different styles of mediation. Over the long weekend on Sunday, we listened to types of guided meditations. The first meditation was about mindfulness with a concentration on the breath. The man leading the meditation would speak for a while, and then he’d let us sit in silence. He’d go back and forth, and each time we’d sit in silence and I’d hear his voice again, it would startle me. The second mediation concentrated on gratitude: for yourself, others and your belongings. The third was about self-love and forgiveness. It allowed us to face whatever negativity we inflict upon ourselves, and to apologize for our harsh words, thoughts and actions.

We then had to write our own mediation script, and present them to our groups this past Wednesday. Seeing the people in my group, I changed my entire script to something I knew they’d enjoy. I really liked guiding a meditation. I love painting pictures in peoples’ minds by telling them a story, and listening to how they felt afterwards was so interesting! Hearing everyone else’s techniques is quite fascinating as well. We all have different approaches to mediation, and there’s a lot of creativity to work with!