Kudzu Full Spectrum By Planetary Herbals - 240 Tablets

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Kudzu Full Spectrum By Planetary Herbals - 240 Tablets

Kudzu Full Spectrum By Planetary Herbals - 240 Tablets

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  • Naturally contains isoflavonoids and saponins that provide anti-alcohol support
  • Supports the liver
  • Helps the body's normal detoxification processes
  • Used traditionally in Chinese herbalism to safely treat the abuse of alcohol
  • Contains a blend of kudzu's flowers and roots with a powerful root extract
You may have heard about kudzu lately. It's gotten a lot of mainstream attention due to recent a Harvard University study on the plant's ability to help decrease consumption of alcohol in human subjects. But that study, published in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, only serves to demonstrate what Planetary Herbals and Chinese herbalism have long known, that kudzu is the premier herb for managing alcohol intake! And now Planetary Herbals offers you two ways to take advantage of the time-tested benefits of this remarkable botanical: Full Spectrum? Kudzu, and Kudzu Recovery. Full Spectrum? Kudzu provides the roots, flowers, and a high potency standardized extract to deliver a Full Spectrum? of kudzu's constituents and benefits. Additionally, Kudzu Recovery? contains a centuries old Chinese formula offering all the benefits of kudzu plus key botanicals to support liver cleansing, balanced blood sugar levels and enhanced energy. Planetary Herbals offer the best of classic herbal traditions, integrating herbal formulas used continuously for thousands of years with the latest findings of clinical pharmacological research. History & Use Kudzu is a fast growing evergreen vine native to parts of Asia, and an invasive species in much of the southeastern United States, where it was initially introduced to help fight soil erosion. First written about in 206 B.C., this unique botanical was popularized by macrobiotics proponents as a food thickener, and continues to be included in China's official pharmacopoeia. Although the entire plant is edible, kudzu's health supporting benefits come primarily from its flowers and roots, which contain several natural compounds including isoflavonoids and saponins. While the roots and flowers of the common kudzu have been used historically in Chinese herbalism for anti-alcohol support, it has also used to support winter health and relax tightness and spasms of the neck and shoulders and is a key component of Neck and Shoulder Support? by Planetary Herbals. Validated Through Research Though it's been used in Chinese herbalism to reduce abuse of alcohol for more than a millennium it is only within the last decade that its actions in this respect have been scientifically examined. The latest research on effects were reported. Similar reductions in alcohol consumption have been observed in numerous pre-clinical studies. Full Spectrum? Kudzu Full Spectrum? Kudzu offers you a Full Spectrum of the plant's beneficial constituents. Each dose of two tablets contains a highly concentrated standardized root extract delivering 40% isoflavones blended with a pure root and flower powder. Like all Full Spectrum? products by Planetary Herbals this provides the best in single ingredient products.

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