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How to Stay Mindful During Back to School Season

Posted by Kristen Baureis on 8/18/2017 to Community

The transition from summer to back to school season can be a chaotic time for both children and parents. Stores are packed with back-to-school sales, vacation dwindles to an end, and routines are set in place for the school year ahead.

It’s easy to stress over this shift, however it’s important to stay mindful during this period. Children already have a lot on their mind: new teachers, new classmates, new classroom and new lessons to be learned. They go from constant play and rest to learning and remaining sedentary for six hours a day. With these three tips, both you and your child will be fully rejuvenated and prepared to tackle the new school year in a healthy, mindful manner.

1.       Implement a meditation and/or yoga routine with your child

Kids can easily feel anxious right before they go back to school. Yoga and meditation help relax the mind, enhance focus and concentration, increase awareness, and can improve overall wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

2.       Take them gardening or to the farmer’s market and have them help pack healthy lunches

Let food be an adventure! Teach your kid how to grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs. You can also take them to your local farmer’s market and have them pick out what kinds of produce they like. Show them where food comes from, and get them excited about creating their own meals. If they are picky, think of creative ways to make the fruit or vegetable taste well to their liking. Don’t mask the healthy aspect of it though! If you start instilling healthy eating habits early, your child will most likely carry these habits through adulthood.

3.       Go outside

These days, it’s common for children to spend much of their time indoors, either watching television or playing video games. Why not get out and enjoy nature? Allow them to run around, play sports with friends, and explore the environment around them. You can also take them hiking, swimming or to a local park. Spending time outside can improve attention span, boost cognitive thinking, encourage exercise, and reduce stress.