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Feature Friday - Organic India’s Ashwagandha

Posted by Kristen Baureis on 6/10/2016 to Stress Management

Organic India was originated in the 1990s in northern India, where a group of people from all over the world set out on a mission to create new opportunities in the agriculture industry. Through training and education, Organic India was able to not only enrich farmers’ lifestyles, but to also employ those who were considered “ineligible” to work. Organic India now works with thousands of family farmers as well as tribes, to harvest wildcrafted, organic and biodynamic herbs.

The founder’s mission is to offer safe, healthful products while promoting the importance of organic ingredients.

The adaptogenic herb Ashwagandha has been used for centuries, and is known for its energy, vitality and stress relieving properties.  Ashwagandha also balances hormones, improves thyroid function and stabilizes blood sugar. This can be taken daily or whenever you are stressed or lack energy.

This product is vegan and non-GMO, Kosher and Halal certified.

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