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Don't Forget Your Obliques

Posted by Kristen Baureis on 2/24/2016 to Exercise

Since Heather and I are doing all these squats, my legs and glutes are getting firmer and more toned. My arms tone fairly easily; I’ve never had a problem with them. My core on the other hand, even though I switch up my ab workouts frequently, is stubborn when it comes to obtaining muscle.

I came across this fitness post this morning that demonstrated different oblique exercises. I am always looking for new work outs, and since I’ve hit a plateau, it’s important that I change up my routine.

Since I have added some cheese, a little bit of meat and eggs back into my diet (even though I eat them in moderation) I gained a little weight around my abdomen. I can tell my body really appreciated my vegan diet, and drinking a full gallon of water a day helped too. I still drink almost a gallon of water every day, and I am 85 percent vegan when I eat at home.

Like any body part, I try to work out every part of my core. Upper abs always come easy to me, but it’s the rectus abdominis and the internal and external obliques that I need to work on.

Some of these exercises seem a little tough but I am looking forward to the challenge. Try them out and let me know what you think!