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Deep Stretch and Meditate/ Yin Yoga

Posted by Kristen Baureis on 4/14/2016 to Exercise

Last Tuesday, I took a Deep Stretch and Mediate/Yin yoga class with Lorena at Hanaq Prana. We started off the class by sitting on top of a bolster and meditating for a few minutes. 

The class was different from the typical yoga class; it was full of deep stretching and holding poses for an extended period of time. We started at the neck and ended at our hips/legs.

All of my muscles felt extremely grateful. Some poses were a little challenging, but I felt relaxed as we transitioned through each pose.

I had to remember to practice my breath, and as I did, my mind would wander and would take me deep into my thoughts.

 My whole body felt balanced afterwards; it felt aligned and I did not carry tension anywhere on my body.

Anyone can benefit from this class. It’s excellent from those who are sedentary from work or for athletes that need recovery.

Sign up for a class if you are interested!