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Country Life's Maxi Skin

Posted by Ricky Seda on 2/28/2018 to Vitamins, Herbs, and Minerals

Calling all ladies!! Are you tired of taking hair, skin and nail supplement that are yielding no results at all? Are you also tired of taking that collagen powder day after day, and your skin health hasn’t changed one bit? You aren’t alone. Many companies are jumping on the collagen boat since they know ladies want it. Most do not even have any real scientific data backing up their collagen powder’s claims. 

How about if I told you about a brand of collagen that has actual clinical trials showing a sixty percent boost in collagen product in as little as eight weeks? I think you’d definitely be interested!! Not only that, each Vitamin Discount Center location carries this incredible brand of collagen in all ten of our locations. The brand is none other than Country Life! Country Life uses the clinically validated VERISOL® brand of collagen. For your reference, I have added links on the studies done on the efficacy of VERISOL® brand collagen.

Country Life gives you five different choices to take collagen: Four different powders, and one in tablet form (all are best taken on an empty stomach).  These formulas all contain Vitamins A and C to help boost collagen production, along with fighting free radicals that cause skin aging. One of the formulas has a night time formula that adds chamomile herb and L-Theanine for added relaxation before sleep. A new personal favorite of many customers of Vitamin Discount Center!

If you’re interested in any of these great products, swing on by any of our ten Vitamin Discount Center locations. You can also check us out online at!

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