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Attending Gasparilla this Saturday? Here’s your Survival Kit

Posted by Kristen Baureis on 1/27/2017 to Diet and Nutrition

For those who are attending the Pirate Fest this Saturday, you know it’s going to be an exciting day filled of beads, booze, pirate outfits, and lots of walking in Downtown Tampa. Pirates take this day quite seriously; many start drinking as early as 7 am and keep the party going until 2 am. Since this will be by seventh year attending, I have a good feel on how the day will go and what I’ll need to do to stay on top of my game.

Based on my past experiences, I’ve created a Gasparilla Survival Kit that will not only help you make it through the day but it might even prevent you from getting a hangover (say whaaa?).

To avoid feeling absolutely terrible later on, make sure to at least include a few items (if not all) in your Gasparilla Survival Kit:

Acure Sunscreen SPF 30- Sunscreen is essential; it protects the skin from damage and prevents sunburn. The parade takes place outdoors, and the entire day is almost always sunny. This sunscreen contains non- nano zinc oxide and is free of toxic chemicals. 

Apply every few hours.

Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator packets- When we consume alcohol, we lose electrolytes and become dehydrated (especially in the sun). These packets contain a variety of electrolytes, minerals and antioxidants. They are perfect for on the go, and come in both lemon-lime and berry flavors. Mix a packet in water before you start drinking and replenish a couple more times throughout the day. If you are unable to do so, take a packet after the festivities are over, preferably before bed and when you wake the next day.

Solaray Liver Blend SP-13 – We’re going to be making our livers work extra hard, so why not help them out? Solaray’s Liver Blend contains dandelion, milk thistle, burdock, artichoke, kelp and peppermint. These homeopathic nutrients cleanse and detoxify the liver, regenerate liver cells, and stimulate the flow of bile.

Take one capsule before the event and take a few more later on if you can.

Activated Charcoal – this helps with the removal of toxins caused by alcohol. Charcoal promotes a healthy digestive tract and can prevent hangovers. Take before you start drinking, otherwise it won’t be as beneficial.

American Biotech Labs SilverGel – Porta potties are one of my least favorite things. But when you gotta go, you gotta go. This is where my silver gel comes in; it’s antibacterial and antiviral. Silver will keep hands sanitized for four hours, so I don’t have to worry about all the germs I come in contact with. Aside from being a hand sanitizer, colloidal silver benefits the body in a multitude of other ways: it protects the body from infection and bacteria, improves immunity and helps in the recovery process of illness/wounds. For a full list of silver benefits, see the link under sources.

Also, when using the bathroom, it wouldn’t hurt to keep some toilet paper on you.

RxBar protein bar-You can surely work up an appetite during Gasparilla, so why not snack on something nutritious that will keep you full until your next meal? The RxBar comes in a handful of delicious flavors: apple cinnamon, blueberry, chocolate sea salt, maple sea salt, peanut butter, coconut chocolate, pumpkin seed, coffee chocolate, and mint chocolate. All bars contain egg whites, almonds, cashews and dates. RxBar contains no gluten, soy, dairy or added sugar. Each bar contains 12 grams of protein and costs $2.50.

Water- Last but not least (although it’s a given) stay hydrated!!!

I don’t expect you to get everything on this list, but even if you have close to half of these items, you will surely be on the right track! As long as you prepare your body beforehand and nourish it throughout the day, you will have a successful Gasparilla. Your body will thank you!