Ancient Nutrition Keto PH - 180 Capsules

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Ancient Nutrition Keto PH  - 180 Capsules

Ancient Nutrition Keto PH - 180 Capsules

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  • Promotes significant improvement of performance during intense athletics
  • Enhances post-exercise muscle recovery
  • Overall reduction of the stress impact of intense exercise
  • Helps body?s systems and support for overall health

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The clinically studied alkalizing mineral blend in KETO pH (calcium, magnesium and potassium?all important electrolytes) helps support pH balance in the body and has shown some significant benefits, particularly in human performance and recovery?such as increase in strength and speed of athletes with a corresponding decrease in soreness and lactic acid.?This alkalizing mineral blend is a combination of dietary minerals and is comprised of microscopic calcium carbonate carrier particles to hold magnesium hydroxide, potassium chloride, and potassium hydroxide (otherwise known as active magnesium and potassium salts).The choice of calcium carbonate as the carrier is intentional, too, because calcium carbonate doesn?t react with the magnesium and potassium salts. Plus, it serves as a stable carrier for these mineral salts.The result?An alkalizing mineral blend that survives through the journey into the intestinal tract while preserving the beneficial stomach acid HCL (hydrochloric acid).This alkalizing mineral blend also dissolves slowly in the intestinal tract, where it is the most beneficial. In short, it?s purposefully designed to help maintain a healthy pH level by providing a mild alkalizing effect.? As a proprietary ingredient for helping to manage excess body acid, the KETO pH alkalizing mineral blend can offer these benefits: Significant improvement of performance during intense athletics? Enhancement of post-exercise muscle recovery? Overall reduction of the stress impact of intense exercise?Unlike other alkalizing agents, such as high doses of sodium bicarbonate or sodium citrate, it doesn?t cause gastrointestinal distressIt doesn?t deliver excessive levels of unwanted sodium Strengthening of the body?s systems and support for overall health? Support for nutrient absorption? Physical performance support for daily activities, mild-to-moderate exercises, and intense exertions

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