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3 Ways to Avoid the 3 O'Clock Slump

Posted by Vitamin Discount Center on 3/1/2015
3 Ways to Avoid the 3 O'Clock Slump

Studies show that the most unproductive time of day is 2:55 p.m. Sound Familiar? When was the last time you when the entire day without a significant lull at some point? If you’re like most people, it’s been a while. Many of us face energy highs and lows throughout the day and turn to caffeine or sugary snacks and a means to raise our energy levels when needed. However, although these solutions cause quick spikes in energy levels, they also result in a just as quick crash.

This style of living has become so common that it seems normal, even unavoidable, but I’m here to tell you that we were not meant to live riding a roller coaster of energy. In fact, there are several amazing ways you can boost and maintain energy all day long without hitting afternoon lulls.

Don’t Skip Breakfast or Any Other Meal:

Food is your body’s fuel; missing any meal during the day is correlated with greater fatigue but no meal has a great impact as breakfast. Just as a fire dies down without the addition of new logs so does your body. It is extremely important to jumpstart your day with a proper breakfast. Studies consistently show the impact breakfast has on metabolism, alertness, and even improve your mood throughout the day.

Drink More Water:

Did you know that if your body is even 1% dehydrated you performance and alertness can suffer? Fatigue is one of the first signs of dehydration and can leave you feeling lethargic, weaken your ability to concentrate, and decrease mood almost immediately. Staying hydrated throughout the day is an easy way to avoid sleepiness and keep energy levels high.

Get Moving:

Getting your blood pumping is a great way to improve mood and decrease fatigue. Exercise increases blood flow throughout the body and allows more oxygen to reach the brain, resulting in higher alertness. Whether this involves a few stretches at your desk throughout the day, or a 10 minute walk around your building at lunch, studies show exercise results in a prolonged energy boost that can last you all day long.

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