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My Yoga Teacher Training Journey: Part 2

Posted by Kristen Baureis on 3/31/2017 to Exercise

This past weekend, I had my first long weekend of yoga. 22 hours to be exact. This weekend was filled with meditation, breathing exercises, sun salutations, different styles of yoga, Indian Philosophy, Ayurveda, and numerous terminology used for describing energies, sheaths, and other forces both within and outside of the body.

It’s safe to say my brain was on overload, taking all this information in at once. I absolutely love everything I am learning, but it is a little overwhelming since our program is fast-paced.

We started both Saturday and Sunday out with a 45 minute guided meditation. We were advised to meditate on an empty stomach in order to stay centered and focused. Saturday’s meditation was followed by an energizing vinyasa flow and sun salutation practice. Later that day, we had an informative lecture on a few different styles of yoga, which gave us some insight on what direction we’d like to head in for our own practice. The rest of the day consisted of adjustments for postures, learning koshas (sheaths) and vayus (movements or functions of the breath) , breathing exercises, and teaching each other Sun Salutation A.

After our meditation Saturday, we went through the Sun Salutation again but in Sanskrit and with modifications. Our insightful lecture on Indian Philosophy followed, along with learning bandhas (body or energy locks), a lecture on Ayurveda (holistic medicine-something I wish to pursue in the near future) teaching each other bridge pose, and finally, wrapping up the weekend in a relaxing savasana.

We had two breaks throughout the day, which allowed us to eat, walk around outside and know our classmates a little better. I am constantly learning something new from each of them; everyone is on their own unique path and I am forever grateful for my fellow yogis. We are all so humbled and enlightened by this experience, and I am looking forward to we will be learning next!