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Mexican Thai Wonton Wraps

Posted by Kristen Baureis on 2/16/2016 to Diet and Nutrition

Thai Mexican Wonton Wraps

I have made about 4 variations with these won ton wraps and they always turn out delicious. I’ve used Amy’s Spanish Rice and Red Bean soup, quinoa, eggs, kelp noodles, fish, Sriracha (not all of those at once) and whatever else that’s in my fridge that sounds good.  

I’m not going to say how much of whatever ingredient you need; just know you need a very small portion for each wonton (like a little handful of everything combined). Keep in mind these wraps are small, and you also have to roll them up like a little burrito. The less that’s in there, the easier it’ll be to roll up.

I decided to try out a new recipe last night, and added my own Mexican twist. You will need:

-A packet of Nasoya wonton wraps (serving size is 8 wraps, 160 cal per serving)

-1 avocado

-chopped up cabbage, kale, spinach or any kind of greens

-black beans

-brown rice

-cheese (shredded works best)            


-San-J’s Thai Peanut Sauce

Normally I combine all of the ingredients into the wontons, but last night I decided to combine the black beans, greens and brown rice into the wonton, while making a dip with the rest of the ingredients on the stove top.

Once everything is in the wrap, roll up the wonton and dip the edges in water, so the wonton will stick (they’re doughy and can tear easily). I usually pan fry with coconut oil until they’re crispy, but baking them is a healthier option.

The wontons turned out awesome like always, but I will probably stick to keeping all the ingredients inside wonton (while using the peanut sauce to dip) because it makes the dish more flavorful.