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Friday's feature: Solus: For Healthy Sleep, Naturally

Posted by Marianne Kelly on 2/12/2016 to Stress Management

I have tried melatonin on its own and I found it to be too strong because whenever I took it I noticed it was hard to wake up in the morning. I've also taken Valerian Root to relax several times and the affects seem to agree with me.  I gave Solus a try over the weekend and I was pleased.  I took it a few hours before going to bed so I could observe how it made me feel.  I rarely take over the counter sleep aids unless I am having an unusually sleepless night.  When I took the Solus I was not sleepy or tense.  About an hour after taking it I felt relaxed and ready for bed.  I was able to fall asleep shortly after getting in bed.  I think it helped me feel relaxed and ready for sleep rather than knocking me out like other sleep aids.  That was my experience with it.  To learn more about Solus visit
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Solus Sleep and Relaxation Aid By Form Essentials - 60 Capsules